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Welcome To New Day, New Smile.® Apparel


New Day, New Smile.® (NDNS) is what we call "a daily dose of inspiration or encouragement". A pretty cool way to instantly create a SMILE on someone's face. These are powerful words that have the ability to inspire you, uplift your spirit, and if you're going through something (because we all have at least one bad day in our lifetime) be that voice whispering in your ear and saying "New Day, New Smile."

On the other hand, perhaps life is great for you, couldn't be any better, then those powerful words of New Day, New Smile.® will simply be a reminder to continue to appreciate the blessings that have been bestowed upon you and the joy (smile) it brings when sharing with others.

NDNS is an online apparel company featuring t-shirts with a POWERFUL message and FABULOUS designs for Children, Women, and Men.

Some designs will have you Smiling, others will have you Laughing, and there are some that may even Touch Your Heart

 like our “Will To Live – Conquering Breast Cancer” tee (inspired by the mother of the founder of New Day, New Smile.®, she is a breast cancer survivor).

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visit New Day,New Smile.®